Creating Confidence


Everyone struggles with a lack of self-confidence at some point in their lives. If you find a lack of confidence holding you back from fully enjoying your personal life or achieving your professional goals, it may be time to take action. “There are actually steps you can take to rebuild your confidence, even when you’re struggling to feel self-assured,” says Motivational Speaker, Best-Selling Author and Life Coach Susie Moore.

Tap the power of words and positive thinking
by starting every day with an uplifting mantra. Positive self-talk such as “I am loveable. I am worthy. I am enough” can help boost confidence levels. Make a conscious decision to be more kind to yourself. 

Practice a strong pose and smile to help enhance your sense of confidence. Confidence is all about attitude. Making these small physical changes can immediately impact how self-assured you feel in any situation.

Make self-care non-negotiable. Listen to your body and give it what it needs to help you feel confident. 

Keep your mind and body active. Being busy leaves you little time to overthink, so fill your life with activities you enjoy. Yoga, visiting friends, reading, cooking and going for walks all count! 

Speak with intention. The way you talk impacts your mood, your confidence and how other people perceive you. When you use verbiage
like “I’ll try” or “I don’t think I can,” you’re really giving yourself permission to feel unconfident. Use statements
like “I will” and “I know I can” instead.

Don’t overcomplicate things or allow yourself to be distracted by unimportant things. Focus on your daily objectives and long-term goals by cultivating a clear and positive vision of how you want your life to be. 

According to Moore, “Confidence is an almost-magical quality that can help you lead your best, most fulfilled life and—more importantly—it’s in your grasp!


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