Senior Dogs are Special


Every day, senior animals are passed over by prospective pet owners. Some people are looking for the energy of a new puppy or think older dogs offer families too little time. But older animals can be just as cute and lovable.

In fact, they often come with wonderful qualities as a result of age. Here are a few benefits:

Say so long to training
Senior animals have already learned the fundamentals—from toilet training to leash walking. Not having to spend weeks on training can be a valuable perk of adopting a senior pet.

Age is but a number

If you want to teach an older dog a new trick, you’re in luck. Animals can be trained at any age. More mature animals may have a longer attention span, so it can be easier to teach them.

What you see is what you get

An older pet has an established size and temperament, increasing your chance of finding the perfect companion. 

Lots of love, less destruction
Senior pets are past the search-and-destroy phase, minimizing unwanted accidents and bad behavior. 

Something for everyone
The mellow disposition of a senior animal makes them a great companion. Their lower energy level is often a perfect fit for older people, while their calm presence can be great for children.

Saving a life
Senior pets are at a disadvantage in shelters. They have a lower likelihood of adoption, and are more prone to depression and confusion as a result of their new environment. By choosing to adopt a senior pet, you provide a second chance at life. 

Wonderful years ahead
A dog of 7 or 8 years may have as many good years left ahead, and most breeds of domestic cats can easily live to be 15. By adopting a mature animal, you get the advantages of age and training and have plenty of time to enjoy their companionship. Something worth considering when you’re ready for a pet.


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