Slow Down


As technology becomes more sophisticated, you’d think these changes would simplify our lives. Instead, our lives have become increasingly complex, stressed and sometimes overwhelming. Before you get discouraged, try to incorporate a few of these ideas to simplify your life—so you can actually enjoy your life.

1. Slow down
Have you ever noticed that when you get sick and are forced to slow down, you see things you didn’t when you were in the frenetic blur of life? Slowing down fosters mental clarity.

2. Write it down
When you think it, ink it. You pay a mental toll for carrying around your to-do list in your head and you are more likely to forget something important. Capture your to-dos and brilliant ideas on paper or digital device right when they come to you. Your brain will thank you later.

3. Plan and prepare meals
Simplify mealtimes by shopping for healthy staples on the weekend and prepare a few meals at the same time. Consider cooking chicken breasts, hard-boiling eggs or making a big batch of chili. Cut up fresh fruits and veggies and have them ready in your fridge to munch on or toss on the grill.

4. Touch it once
“Touch it once” means deciding what to do with something while it’s in front of you. Decide to finish it, delegate it or put it on a project list. Tackle the stacks of paper—and your email—in the same way. Use it. File it. Or trash (recycle) it.

5. Know yourself
Tune in to your quiet voice that tells you whether you are living according to your values. Make adjustments to your schedule based on what you know to be true for you. If you aren’t doing your favorite things, it might be time to realign your activities with your core beliefs.


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