Time for a Roommate?


Topping the list of positives is that expenses can be shared, which means you could end up in a home and neighborhood that is nicer than one you can afford on your own. This might also make the difference between keeping your own home and having to downsize. It could also make the difference in being able to continue to put money aside for unpredictable future medical expenses that can be costly and challenging as you get older.

Aside from the financial aspect, there’s also the physical benefits. Housecleaning, grocery shipping and even cooking duties can be shared. This might free you up to have more time and energy toward taking care of your health or spending time with your grandchildren. 

Socially speaking, there’s an opportunity to converse with someone when you come home. In addition, you’ve always got someone you can take along with you to social events. Chances are, they have a social network that can expand your own network of friends.

And what about if you want to travel but need someone to walk, feed and care for your dog or cat? If you’ve got a roommate, you’ve got that need covered! How about if you fall or become ill? Wouldn’t it be nice to have help right there if you need it?

Ask yourself honestly if you have room for someone else, or if you’d need to move in with a roommate. At the very least, you’ll need a bedroom and private bath for each person. Your next step will be to seek out others who are in a shared accommodation situation and ask a lot of questions.

You might discover that you’re a good candidate for a successful sharing: Are you flexible and social, and don’t have a strong need for lots of privacy? Do you like being around other people? Are you able to set clear expectations? Go online to search for information on seniors sharing housing. Check local resources and decide if shared accommodation is something worth considering. After all, it’s thought that those who live longer and are generally healthier and happier!


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