Go out and dance the night away!


Many couples need to break out of old habits, a fact proven a few years back when a group of psychologists observed that new activities and projects greatly benefited couples who were in trouble even more than therapy!

Here are six creative ideas to help you and your partner shake things up on your next date night. If your partner is the type who likes surprises, feel free to spring them on him or her; if not, it may be wise to announce them in advance:

1. Take time to tango.
Whether you’re learning it, doing it or watching it, the tango is a sexy dance. Check local dance studios or even a local rec center for lessons. If you have two left feet, however, or tend to step on your partner’s, you might go watch other couples tango, waltz or fox-trot instead.

2. Rub someone the right way
Arrange for a couples massage at home. There’s something about the scene, the scent that makes a couples massage sexy.

3. Jazz things up
Visit a jazz club, or try some other new music: Irish ballads, reggae, even choral music can be a nice switch. Exploring a new flavor of music is bound to spark your ears —and maybe your lips— the first time you try it.

4. Heads up!
There’s something magical about watching the stars overhead. No planetarium nearby? Just go outside and just snuggle under a blanket as you study the night sky.

5. Visit the Zoo 
It’s a great time to go: The animals are up and the crowds are down. Some zoos tack on concerts, or offer special behind-the-scenes visits to “friends of” groups.

6. Go Local
Steal away for an evening at a local hotel or resort. Even inexpensive digs offer a pool and spa where you can swim, steam to relax and connect. Best of all, sex is often sexier when it’s not in the same old place! 


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