Planning a Wonderful Time


There’s a reason the holidays are called the most wonderful time of the year. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones over delicious food and shared traditions. But hosting an event can sometimes feel more like a burden rather than a blessing. This year, keep your holiday gathering fun—not frantic— with these headache-free hosting tips.

Prepare for your event in advance
Start your dinner or cocktail party prep as soon as possible to make room for any last-minute surprises, like forgetting an ingredient or unexpected guests. Develop a checklist and tackle manageable projects each day. This daily preparation will allow more time on the day of the event for you to enjoy your friends and family.

Allow others to contribute
Whether you’re a foodie or not, just because you’re hosting a party doesn’t mean you have to prepare all of the food. Perhaps you chould plan on providing the main dish, and allow your guests to bring side dishes. If you want to serve all of the food, don’t be afraid to purchase prepared food items from your grocery store. It’s amazing how you can call many specialty stores or catering companies and they will do all of the work. If your budget is tight, considering creating a menu of simple recipes. Remember, your guests aren’t just coming for the food.

Ditch dirty dishes
Cleaning up after a holiday party can be exhausting if you use your nice china. Consider purchasing festive paper products at your local party store, so that cleaning the dishes doesn’t interrupt your favorite game, movie or conversation.

Decorate the night before
Set the table, decorate, decide where to put the drinks and gather the extra seats the night before. This will allow you to only have to worry about putting the food and drinks out for your guests to enjoy. Despite all of your efforts to create a perfect party, relax and remember: last minute disasters always make the best stories for years to come!


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