Overcoming Self-Doubt


Many people impacted by rheumatoid arthritis experience feelings of self-doubt—but a head-on approach can lead to self-love. The mind is directly interconnected with your physical body, and while this stands true for everybody, it is something people living with a chronic illness are reminded of every day. For people living with rheumatoid arthritis, it can be challenging to stay mentally and emotionally positive when your health is always on your mind. The symptoms of RA and their effect on physical functioning can impact overall well-being, which can lead to feelings such as self-doubt.

Turning self-doubt into self-love
For people living with a chronic condition like RA, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to settle. That’s why taking one day at a time is critical in any approach to self-care. Take the first step by owning your experience with the disease by recognizing and accepting feelings of frustration, anxiety, or guilt about your RA in order to refocus your emotions toward resilience, hope, and joy. Try these additional tips to combat self-doubt:

Get grounded
Balance out the negative by thinking about the positive aspects of your life. In doing this exercise, remember that sometimes the positive things are small and simple: a bouquet of flowers, a book that makes you laugh, or a call with an old friend.

Change the energy

Create a set of your own soundtracks! One playlist might bring back good memories, another might make you feel motivated to take on a busy day, and perhaps another makes you feel calm and relaxed.

Reflect on your self-perception
Focus on what defines you as a person and learn to accept who you are. Remind yourself of a time when you overcame self-doubt. For more tips on how to overcome self-doubt and negative emotions, and choose self-love while living with RA, visit www.Arthritis.com.


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