A happy retirement means many things to many different people. There are several habits that
can help to make your retirement years more gratifying. Here are some ideas to make life a
little happier.
1. Have a bunch of interests. 
The happiest retirees know very well how to travel, play and explore, and they wholeheartedly
engage in three or more hobbies on a regular basis. Keep in mind, it doesn’t really matter what
your interests are. It might be hiking or biking. It might be photography or volunteering. It
might even be painting theatrical sets for the community playhouse.
2. Establish satisfying daily routines.
Figuring out the right routines that bring you pleasure can take time. Most retirees may have to
experiment quite a bit and accept the fact that it can take a while to figure out which routines
work and which don’t.
3. Keep close to your kids — but not too close.
The happiness level of most retirees skyrockets when they live near at least one — and
preferably two — adult children. But your kids should not be dependent on you. The adult
children of the happiest retirees are out in the world living their own lives.
4. Connect with friends. 
The importance of having friends in retirement cannot be overstated. People with good friends
tend to not only be happier but live longer. It’s important that friendships branch out to your
personal interests and that some of these friendships be with younger people, too. In the end, a
happy retirement requires friends of different ages from different walks of life.
5. Take your health seriously.
Typically, the happiest retirees also are among the healthiest retirees.  While you can’t do a lot
about genetics, you can still take simple and regular actions to care for your body. It’s not about
dieting but it is about paying attention to what you eat. It’s not about suddenly becoming a gym
rat, but it is about finding the time for modest exercise such as walking, biking or swimming
every day.